Payment utility coin

Payment Utility Coin

EOScash platform is blockhained-based cryptocurrency-payment platform that can be propagated in real economy through POS payment infrastructure in offline environment, and dramatically reduce bank commission of online transfer service and transaction commission occur in existing payment system such as credit card or cash.

EOScash platform aims to contribute to establishing transparent ecosystem of healthy and upright cryptocurrency-payment market through innovation and possibility that blockchain technology possesses. By overcoming the unnecessary structure and transaction and constructing Total Digital Payment platform in which consumer and merchants can benefit, EOScash will provide convenient and simple payment method that can overcome disadvantages of existing coins.

White Paper
Payment Infra Structure

Eco System

EOScash builds a payment system to connect both cryptocurrencies and fiat currency.
We develop EOScash coin to use freely like a cash in online and physical stores throughout the world by setting an API for the coin payment and by producing and issuing a dedicated IC card.

EOScash Coin

As a Utility Coin used in the ecosystem of EOScash platform, payment function as a currency in diverse POS systems

EOScash Wallet

Payment App with EOScash coin at physical stores


POS App for payment with EOScash at physical stores

EOScash IC & Mobile Card

Accumulating coins and points in a card without a wallet and paying at diverse conveniences


Direct coin withdrawal into cash (on MOUs with domestic and international influential ATM companies)



Payment Infra Structure

Activation Strategy

Ecosystem Activation Strategy integrating Online/Offline Environment


White Paper

Funds Plan

  • Symbol Of Token

  • Cryptocurrencies available for purchase

  • Total Token Supply

    3,300,000,000 EOSC

※ The schedule and rate of the token issuance may be changed according to the conditions.

Token Allocation

Funds Allocation

Coin Plan

Proceeding technical patent securing, cooperation; consisting of development team and proceed development; international marketing; (domestic or international) exchanges; planning and applying to a gradual promotion.

Issuing EOScash Coin


Listing EOScash Coin

Road Map

Start of EOScash

2017. 06

- Lining up EOScash Project Team

2018. 01

- Developing EOScash coin, developing and testing EOScash wallet, Starting domestic and international marketing.


Develop & publicize

2018. 06

- Writing white paper version 1.0, building the homepage, developing service protocol, starting to create EOScash ecosystem

2018. 11

- Listing in domestic exchanges

2018. 12

- Launching EOScash platform version 1.0
- Securing domestic affiliates

Advance to Foreign Exchange

- EOScash POS payment module porting and testing

- Proceeding domestic EOScash POS marketing : increasing domestic affiliates

- Additional listing in Global and
international exchanges


Globalization & Upgrade Platform

- Increasing marketing on EOScash POS in Asia

- Entering in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos

- Upgrade EOScash platform into version 2.0

Expand Partnership

- Partnership with POS companies and expanding payment market


Expansion of EOScash

- Increasing marketing on EOScash POS into Europe and U.S.

- Securing global affiliates

Team & Advisors

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Denis Ivanov

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George Remington

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Oleg Ferens

Node Developer
member img

Shirley Bergeron

UI&UX Designer
member img

Oleh Shyshka

Core Eos Developer
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Emily Conaway

UI designer
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Margery Key

Core Eos Developer
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Dev Kayles

Marketing Director

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